Public Access Systems™ pioneered subscription based Enhanced Public Access Systems to court records. This is how we got our start in 1990. Over the years, we have made our systems better and better. Ultimately, we developed the™ concept of E-Court Technology Partnerships with courts from which we were acquiring data.

Our approach is simple, yet quite unique. Users are willing to pay reasonable amounts for consistently high quality court data.

The realities of court funding proves that courts need assistance in creating high quality electronic court data. Unfortunately, only rarely are the courts provided with funding to implement state-of-the-art court technology.

If the court forms a public/private partnership with a willing technology provider to implement state-of-the-art court technology, the implemented technology will provide an exponentially larger base of consistently high quality court data which the "partnership" can sell to willing subscribers, with the revenue paying for the system AND generating a revenue surplus!